SAFRA Lil' Stars 2019


What is the competition about and why should my child enter?

The competition aims to provide a platform to discover, develop and celebrate young talents in Singing, Dancing and Visual Arts.

Besides prizes to be won, all participants in any categories will be awarded with a Certificate of Participation and stand the chance to perform for SAFRA events.

All entries for Colouring & Drawing category will have their works exhibited in our atrium and have their works shared with a wider audience. These works may be collected back by the participants after the exhibition.
Can I get any refund if my child is unable/unfit to attend the contests?

There shall be no refund of registration fees in the event of withdrawal from the contest regardless of the reasons. Please ensure that your child will be able to commit to the competition days before registering for the event.
Can I still change my child’s choice of performance items after submitting his registration form?

Yes, changes are allowed by the participants. Please email in your request for change by Fri, 14 Jun 2019 via email to Amanda at lamanda@safra.sg or Zhifang at gzhifang@safra.sg.
Is there any restriction to the type of performance item for this competition?

The competition is open to only singing or dancing components. No other performance will be accepted for the purpose of this event (eg. Musical instruments, magic etc).

Participants may have musical instruments as part of the song and/or dance item.

Please inform the Organiser in advance of the musical instruments involved so as to provide adequate technical support. Any late notification may result to insufficient technical support required for the instrument which the Organiser will not be held liable for.
How will scheduling of the competition be done? Can I turn up just before my child's performance timing?

The performance will be sequenced by a randomised process and will be informed prior to the contest dates.

Participants have to register for themselves and collect the event goodie bag an hour before the commencement of the event. They are also expected to be ready 15 mins prior to their stage timing.
How big is the stage?

12ft by 24ft and 2ft height
Where can I store my child's props for his/her performance?

There will be a space allocated by the side of the stage to stall all props on the competition dates. Please inform us by Fri, 21 Jun 2019 if your child will be using any props.
Will you be providing any musical instruments for the participants?

The Organiser will not be providing any musical instruments required by the Participants. Any instrumental accompaniment are to be provided by the Participants themselves. Participants are to inform the Organiser by Fri, 14 Jun 2019 on any instrumental accompaniment so as to provide adequate technical support.
My child's performance will need music, do you provide the music? Do I have to bring my own music?

Music tracks are to be provided solely by the Participants. Participants are required to email to the Organiser any music tracks for their performance by Fri, 14 Jun 2019.

Please email your music tracks to Amanda at lamanda@safra.sg.

Kindly ensure that sound track is of good quality as the Organiser will not be held responsible for poor quality playbacks or technical malfunctions should the music be defective.

Participants are also be reminded to bring along a backup of the song in mp3 format in CD or your iPhone/iPod on event days.
Are materials provided for the Colouring & Drawing Category?

Materials provided as following:
- For the Colouring Category: a colouring template (30cm x 30cm), colour pencils (24pcs) and oil pastels (24pcs).
- For the Drawing & Colouring Category: a blank canvas (40cm x 40cm), colour pencils (24pcs), oil pastels (24pcs) and acrylic paint (12 colours).
- Participants are required to bring their own drawing materials (eg. Drawing pencil, eraser, ruler etc)

Participants are only allowed to use the colouring materials provided by the Organiser.

Any other colouring materials brought to the event are strictly not allowed.
What should the participants be doing for the Drawing Category?

A theme to the Drawing Category will be released and participants are required to create their own drawing with colours based on the theme.

We refer to a completed submission as with drawings and colours filled.
Are parents allowed to be inside the venue for the competition?

Yes, parents are allowed to be inside the venue, however, parents are strictly not allowed to be seen as assisting their children in any ways to complete their colouring and drawing.
Who are the judges?

Invited judges are experienced instructors in the fields of vocal, dance and visual arts coaching. Judges may also include invited guests.

Judges decisions are final for the event.
How many winners are there and what are the prizes?

There will be 3 winners for each of the age group and categories:

Singing Category:
Solo A (5 to 9 years old) x 3 winners
Solo B (10 to 12 years old) x 3 winners
Group (5 to 12 years old) x 3 winners

Dancing Category:
Solo A (5 to 9 years old) x 3 winners
Solo B (5 to 9 years old) x 3 winners
Group (5 to 12 years old) x 3 winners

Colouring & Drawing Category:
Colouring A (5 to 6 years old) x 3 winners
Colouring B (7 to 9 years old) x 3 winners
Drawing & Colouring (10 to 12 years old) x 3 winners

Winners stand a chance to win attractive prizes worth from $150 - $600 in value, combination of cash vouchers and in-kind.
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