Rules & Regulations

SAFRA Dragon Battle 2019

Rules & Regulations & Competition Format

Registration Rules

- Open to all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (Singapore)
- Minimum team size is 7 participants (6 paddlers and 1 reserve paddler)
- Reserve paddler has to be in the same weight category.
- Teams cannot register any more paddlers after registration closes.

Rules & Regulation


1. 2 teams of 6 will be seated facing the other at each end of a 20 seat dragon boat separated by a marking indicating the middle. Each team will be instructed to start rolling away from the other. The winner will be the team that pulls itself 2 metres past the middle mark into their own half. An event official will determine the winning team. Each team may have a reserve/team manager to motivate the team from the poolside.


1. Teams to report 20 minutes before the stipulated start time. Teams may be required to do a team weigh-in. Before the battle commences, the choice of sides shall be determine by a toss of a coin. Teams will have to exchange handshakes before entering.
2. If the team’s 6 combined paddler’s weight does not fall within the registered weight range, they can choose to either swap paddlers with their reserve and/or move to a different category.

The Battle


1. Best of 3 Rounds wins.
2. Round 1 & 2 will be given a 30 seconds time limit.
3. If there is no winning team after 30 seconds, both teams are to rest in the boat for 30 seconds before the subsequent round.
4. The 3rd or final Round will be a sudden death round with no time limit.
5. A buzzer will be sounded at the last 10 seconds of each Round


1. 0 points for draw in Round 1 & 2.
2. 1 point for winning either Round 1 & 2.
3. 2 points for winning Round 3.
4. 3 points (2+1 bonus) for winning both Round 1 & 2.
There will be a Round 3 should the same team win Round 1 & 2.
5. Points to be tabulated for progression.
5. If points are a draw, best elimination time from each group will be considered for progression.


1. The start commands for every battle would be:
- "Are you ready?"
- "Dragon Battle …"
2. Warning will be given to teams who start before the air horn.
3. If the team is faulted for 3 times, a penalty of 1 meter will be added.
4. Battle paddles are to start above water unless mentioned otherwise by the official


1. A battle is won when one of the marking on the boat is aligned to the ground markings.
2. The official will call out the winner with a buzzer once the alignment is seen in clear favour of either team.


1. Swimwear is to be worn at all times.
2. All competitors would be required to weigh-in with their battle gear on.
3. No buoyancy vest is required or provided.
4. Teams are strongly encouraged to dress as a team for the event.
5. Wooden pool paddles will be provided by organiser for all team battles.



1. 16 teams in total.
2. The losing team goes into the plate bracket.
3. Quarter Finals/ Plate Quarter.
4. Semi Final / Plate Semis.
5. 3rd / 4th placing.
6. Final / Plate Final.

Other important rules and regulations

1. Do not bring sharp objects into the boat.
2. Do not bring objects that could damage the boat.
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