Event Guide

SAFRA Diaper Dash 2019

Event Guide

Race Mechanism

1. Babies will be randomly selected to compete in groups of 12. Allocated timings will be announced on race pack collection day.
2. Participants who do not 30 minutes before stated race timing will be deemed as a no-show. Exemptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.
3. Timing will begin with an air horn and end once the baby has crossed the finish line entirely.
4. Babies MUST cross the obstacle along the 3m race course and pass the finish line to be considered as completing the race.
5. All parents must stay beyond the finishing line and must not place the lure items (Eg. Toys or keys) on the race track.
6. The baby with the best race time from each group will qualify to win the top 10 prizes.
7. Incompletion of the race results in disqualification; babies will however still be awarded with a Finisher Medal for his/her participation.

Event Information

Each baby will only race one time in the chosen category. Allocated timings will be announced on race pack collection day.
Babies will dash in groups of 12 at intervals of 15 minutes. Timing will be based from the start of the air horn till when the baby has crossed the obstacle and crosses the finish line entirely. Parents are expected to register their babies 30 minutes before the stated race staggered timing provided to them during the Race Pack Collection. Parents are allowed to bring whistles, toys, keys and other possible items to attract their babies to cross the finish line. However, to ensure the safety of the babies, placing the items in the race track is strictly not allowed.
All check-in participants waiting for their race time to start may wait at the holding area located beside the check-in counter.
Any appeal after the race is chargeable at S$80 (Inclusive of GST). Closing time for appeals is 1 hour before the prize presentation. Event Organiser’s decision of the appeal is final.
Organiser reserved the rights transfer any participants to the suitable category without contest.
An event t-shirt will be given out within the Race Pack. Parents are advised to clothe their baby in the event t-shirt for the race. Parents are also expected to label their baby’s diaper with the number tags provided to them upon event day registration. Parents are responsible for their personal allocated number tags and any replacements will be chargeable.
10 winners of each group will stand to win the top 10 prizes and will be informed and contacted once the official timings of each category has been tabulated. All babies will be awarded with a Finisher Medal for competing in the race.
Diaper Dash will be held indoors at Level 3, Atrium of SAFRA Punggol. The dash will proceed in the event of inclement weather.

Medical and Safety

The organizer has taken all necessary precautions to ensure safety of all babies and will not be responsible for any injury sustained, loss of or damage to personal property during the race.
Parents whose babies are feeling unwell up to 3 days before the race are advised to determine if they are physically well to continue.
Should parents or babies require medical assistance, please inform our staff and kindly make proceed to the First Aid Room located beside the Customer Service Counter at Level 3, Atrium of SAFRA Punggol

Pram and Baggage Deposit

There will be a pram and baggage deposit counter at Level 3, Atrium of SAFRA Punggol. All prams are to be collected by 6:30pm on the event day.
The organizer will not be responsible for any loss or damage, personal or otherwise, to the belongings and items deposited.

Nursing Room

Nursing rooms are allocated at Level 3, Family Room located at the back of the Security Office of SAFRA Punggol. All rooms are of individual cubicles and are equipped with limited amenities. Parents are expected to bring their own personal amenities.
Access is strictly permitted to mothers and babies only.
Additional nursing rooms and diaper changing rooms are located at Level3, #GetFit Studio. They are accessible via identification of parents’ wrist tags upon check-in. The rooms will be equipped with hot/cold water dispenser.
The organiser will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.
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