Team Sport

Bolla Bolla

Laugh while having a go at Bolla Bola. Even the name of the game sounds fun! Have a bouncing great time with your team through the game, with each member playing in the safe confines of a giant plastic bubble. The game can be customised to suit your needs too. Bounce on!


Canoe Polo is a unique water-based game combining canoeing and water polo. This challenging but exciting team sport will require you to have a good sense of balance, sufficient upper body strength and the ability to multi-task.


Here’s a ball sport that will challenge and thrill you at the same time. Played between two teams of five players each, success in scoring goals depends on possession, position and precision!


Learn the value of teamwork and strategy as you try to take down your opponents while avoiding being hit by their balls. With fabric/ foam balls being used, this simple game is safe and fun for both children and adults.


Adapted from touch rugby, pass the rugby ball to your teammates and score at the end. Stop your opponents by tapping them. The game focuses on team play and strategy. Being nimble on your feet is going come in handy!


Enter the battle zone. This game keeps you constantly on your toes and tests your tactical movement. as you and your teammates work towards a common goal – victory. The key to winning is simple - plenty of team spirit!


Get the adrenaline pumping in this exhilarating game that requires you to move fast and furious. Work as a team and take down your enemies with the ultimate fun weapon – the NERF gun!


Comprising four proven team bonding activities, this programme will help improve communication, enhance inter-personal skills and forge stronger bonds amongst team members through interactive activities.


Not just any game in the park, this sport trains your stamina and agility as you run, leap, throw and catch the flying disc. There’s no better way to feel the breeze in your hair than through a rejuvenating game of Frisbee!


Volleyball calls for speed, team work, power and quick reflexes. Two teams of six pit their skills against each other in a high octane sport.