Changes to usage of NRIC numbers by SAFRA

Changes to usage of NRIC numbers by SAFRA

Enhancements will be introduced in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) on the collection, use and disclosure of NRIC with effect from 1 September 2019, and as part of SAFRA’s continued commitment to protect members’ personal data.

Login ID for mySAFRA portal and mSAFRA mobile app

NRIC numbers will no longer be used as the login ID for SAFRA’s online services such as the mySAFRA portal and mSAFRA mobile app. In its place, SAFRA Membership IDs or members’ unique email addresses registered with SAFRA, will both be accepted as login IDs.

Current By 1 September 2019
Email address or
NRIC number
Email address or
SAFRA Membership ID

Membership Verification

For various membership verification purposes, your SAFRA Membership ID, or a combination of other personal data such as partial NRIC (last 3 digits and alphabet), email address, mobile number and date of birth, may be used from 1 September 2019 onwards.

Services Requiring Continued Usage of NRIC

From time to time, SAFRA may still be required to collect, use, or disclose the NRIC of members / guests when required under the law, or to accurately verify the identity of individuals to a high degree of fidelity. These include, but are not limited to:

SAFRA Membership application
Provision of selected membership services, such as SAFRA DBS Credit / Debit Cards, SAFRA Insurance and SAFRA Education Scheme, through external partners
Indoor Air Weapons Range License application and verification
Admission and collection of winnings at The Winners’ Circle

Where can I find my SAFRA Membership ID?

Your Membership ID can be found once you have logged in to your mySAFRA portal account, and on the standard (red) SAFRA Membership Cards. For SAFRA DBS Credit / Debit Cardholders, kindly note that the numbers indicated on your card is not your Membership ID. You may wish to note down your Membership ID for ease of reference in future.

Register for mySAFRA Portal account and mSAFRA mobile app

If you currently do not have a mySAFRA portal account or the mSAFRA mobile app, we would like to encourage you to set up your account to enjoy greater convenience in booking facilities, registering for activities, and accessing special deals which SAFRA offers to members, including online booking of discounted Shaw Theatre movie tickets as well as purchase of discounted vouchers on

Till 31 August 2019, you can still utilise your NRIC number as your login ID to register for an account and update your unique email address, which can then be used as your login ID thereafter.

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