FINS Programmes

Achievement Beginner Level Raise water safety awareness in children and build their confidence in the water. Building strong foundation towards strokes acquisitions.

Duration: 6 months



Safe entry and exit of pool
Bubble blowing (head fully submerged)
Unassisted front and back float
Assisted body rolling action
Assisted flutter kick


Unassisted streamline kicks (without board)
Unassisted body rolling
Unassisted front and back kicking
4-arm front crawl pull (without breathing)
Flutter kick with board (5m)
Achievement Intermediate Level Acquire new swim strokes by stages in conjunction with breathing techniques.

Duration: 12 months



Swim Front Crawl for 10m achieving:
Horizontal body position
Breathing on side
Full pulls (catch-up)
Flutter kick from the hips with toes pointed


Swim Front Crawl for 20m
Swim Backstroke for 10m achieving:

Body straight and lying relaxed on surface of water
Smooth arm-pull action
Flutter kick from the hips with toes pointed


Swim Front Crawl for 25m and Backstroke for 25m continuously
Swim Breaststroke for 10m achieving:

Horizontal body position
Good pull/breath/kick/glide coordination
Glide 2 - 3 seconds
Good breaststroke kicks (dorsiflexion during sweep)


Swim Front Crawl for 25m, Backstroke for 25m and Breaststroke for 25m continuously
Swim Survival Backstroke for 10m achieving:

Body straight and lying relaxed on surface of water
Reverse breaststroke kicks
Arm remain under water surface during pull

Swim Sidestroke for 10m
Scissors kick
Arms stretch, grab and pull
Head relaxed on side
Achievement Advanced Level Focus on water survival, strokes improvement and endurance training.

Duration : 9 months

Students will be awarded with the Certificate of Achievement upon completion of the FINS Advanced levels.



Demonstrate the ability to:

Swim 100m continuously (25m per acquired strokes in Intermediate level)
Perform a compact jump
Perform a forward somersault
Perform a feet-first surface dive
Swim underwater for 2m
Tread water for 2 mins


Demonstrate the ability to:

Swim 200m continuously (50m per acquired strokes in Intermediate level)
Perform a crouching dive entry
Perform a straddle jump
Perform backward somersault
Revise feet-first surface dive
Swim underwater for 3m


Demonstrate the ability to:

Swim 400m continuously (100m per acquired strokes in Intermediate level)
Perform a standing dive
Revise compact jump and straddle jump
Perform a head-first surface dive
Swim underwater for 5m
Tread water for 5 mins
Swim Team Enhances training on perfecting the 4 different strokes including learning the Butterfly stroke.

The programme focuses on endurance through distance swimming; and speed through sprints and time trial.


➤ DEVELOPMENT 1 (1 hour weekly)

Swim the following strokes within the given time

100m Front Crawl (3:00 mins)
100m Breaststroke (4:00 mins)
100m Backstroke (3:20 mins)
50m Survival Backstroke (No timing)
50m Sidestroke (No timing)
15m Butterfly (No timing)
[Optional] SwimSafer Certification
Endorsed by Singapore Sports Council (SSC). SwimSafer certification is not a requirement for students to progress to the next level in FINS curriculum. Students are encouraged to achieve the SwimSafer certification as a complementary skill to swimming proficiency which is covered in FINS curriculum.

SwimSafer assessment and certification will be conducted during Jun and Dec through the FINS SwimSafer Holiday Programme. Recommendation by the coaches is based on the readiness of students in accordance to SwimSafer assessment criteria.


➤ PRE-SQUAD (2 hours, twice weekly)

Students with potential to train for competitive level are encouraged to train under Pre-Squad. Contact us for more information and free trial.

[Optional] Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award (SSPA)
An initiative by Singapore Swimming Association to promote swimming proficiency. SSPA provices progression for swimming after SwimSafer. It is an award structure based on the swimer's ability to swim the 4 strokes in compliance with FINA rules for competitive swimming.


All students are advised against over-eating and drinking, at least an hour before commencement of lesson.
Never leave your child unattended before, during and after his/her swimming lessons (in case of any emergencies/toilet breaks).
Ensure that your child understands the danger of water and follows basic water safety tips:
• No running around the pool area
• Strictly no playing or jumping around
• No wandering out of sight from the coach
• Listen to coach's instructions at all times
• Ask for coach's permission for toilet break(s)
Coaches of FINS reserve the rights to stop student from attending lesson where student are beyond control such as displaying unruly behaviour, and any frivalous play which may potentially cause danger to self or others. Student will be asked to leave the pool to be on dry land.
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