Yoga for Love

Yoga for Love

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Breathe in, breathe out... Breathe in, breathe out...

Breathing is one of the best ways to help deal with stressful situations (take it from 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria when he got arrested!). Fortunately, it’s also something yoga focuses on while you reap its fat-burning benefits.

To attain true happiness, one should not look for moments of joy but rather contentment. Joy is a fleeting positive emotion whereas feeling at peace with yourself, others and life lasts much longer. In other words, happiness is a spiritual achievement.

And that's what yoga is about. What was once an ancient Indian practice for physical, mental and spiritual well-balance, yoga has become a very popular type of exercise today for both men and women around the world.

Yoga moves your body in ways that will develop your strength, flexibility and inner peace by testing your physical limits. It is a great tool for pushing through those boundaries, helping you discover your true body ability - which is amazing by the way. 

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You can also do yoga with a partner (spouse, child, friend etc) which will open up a whole world of new benefits and experiences. This will force you to reach out of your comfort zone and communicate with another person.

Building that bond of trust with someone else is a useful social skill to have, especially when it involves working together to achieve a common goal.

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The most common form of partner yoga is couples yoga. Many people practise this with their spouse. Some turn to it as a way to get fit together while some even do it for reconciliation when they feel like their marriage is in trouble.

How? Simply with the power of human touch and also laughter.

A small act of affection truly goes a long way.

Giving a hug and a kiss, caressing your partner's face or just a light squeeze of the hand can help improve their mood for the day. So how delightful would it be when they return the same to you? This healthy habit keeps the flow of love and communication for each other alive, sustaining your relationship.

Couples yoga promotes the same thing as well. In fact, it teaches you how to be more expressive towards others. It makes you break down your barriers in order to open up to them and vice versa. This releases tension and in turn elevates both faith and intimacy between each other. So if you're facing relationship issues whether physical or psychological, do consider signing up for a yoga class with your spouse.

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Performing yoga poses with your partner together improves awareness of each other's bodies by observing the way they respond to you. As opposed to practising it alone, you’ll even be able to correct your body positions for optimal yoga benefits with the help of your partner. This would then encourage you both to continue giving each other support.

So whether you manage to successfully do them or end up failing as you both fall onto the mat, your relationship with your partner will surely deepen. It's okay to laugh and try again. In fact, making your partner smile is truly rewarding. You're laughing with each other and just having a good time. It helps to alleviate life's stresses together too.

Yoga can surely heal both your overall well-being and relationships with others. By making you look good physically, you'll automatically feel good too. And that's the recipe for a wonderful life.

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