Top 10 Tips for IPPT Training: Shuttle Run

Top 10 Tips for IPPT Training: Shuttle Run

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A shuttle run involves sprinting in short bursts of speed. This anaerobic fitness tests your acceleration and overall speed. Mastering this would benefit you tremendously in sports like rugby, soccer, basketball, badminton and tennis because of the start and stop as well as the acceleration and deceleration during the game.

It is also a great way to determine your fitness level and that's why it's one of the stations in the Individual Physical Prroficiency Test (IPPT). It tests your speed, agility and body control. To do well in this, there's a specific technique you can learn.

As soon as it starts, take off running with your knees lifted high and landing on your toes. Focus on the block at the end of the distance that you want to grab and get ready to turn your body as you reach to take it. Be sure to stretch for the block and don't run beyond the line here. Only run through the line at the end. Avoid running in a loop or leaping over the finish line. This will save you precious seconds in your timing.

So now that you know how to do the actual shuttle run, it's time to get to the training part. Just like the Standing Broad Jump, you need to train your muscle power and hip flexibility. Check out the slideshow below where we share with you 10 great tips to ace that Shuttle Run station!

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