The Unbreakable Bond Between Father and Son

The Unbreakable Bond Between Father and Son

All children are equal in the eyes of a father but there’s just something about the bond between a man and his son.

It’s a natural thing for a dad to groom his son and teach him the ways to handle things he himself had faced when he was younger. This unique connection benefits both generations as the knowledge and wisdom gets passed down. Nothing can beat a strong unity like that; he’s a personal coach, a best friend and most of all, a loving father.

So it’s no surprise that Lawrence Lim shares the same sentiments. The 47-year-old engineer took part in this year’s AVventura race in the Dads for Life Ultra category (now named Families for Life) with his 11-year-old son Timothy. The father and son duo finished in 2nd place.

Mr Lim fondly recalls how the experience when competing with friends is more about doing one’s best for a personal achievement but when teaming up with his son, it’s more about teaching him.

“Racing with my son is different. I’m always trying to encourage him and showing him how a race should be, including the attitude and mind-set you need to have.”

So even on the cusp of middle age, Mr Lim continues to go running and play sports like football and badminton during his free time. Timothy plays in the football team as his co-curricular activity which keeps him busy twice a week. Having a common interest in sports makes the time spent feel like an adventure, from which good lasting memories are born.

“Whenever they have a father-and-son activity, we try to join. We enjoy participating as a team. For me, it’s the memory I can have with my son because later when he grows up, we might not have this opportunity. So I think having such a memory would bring us closer.”

Determined to keep a close relationship with his son, he organises activities for them to do together when they’re not racing. It’s clear to see how much Timothy appreciates this as he quickly gushes in with excitement in his voice.

“He books a football pitch for me and my friends to play!”

Every month, Mr Lim holds a football game session for his son’s friends and their fathers. It’s also a special opportunity for the men to unwind on the weekend with family as well as getting some good exercise.

“I hope to encourage father and son activities with people I know. Like football, the fathers can also take part. I believe they also like it.”

Plus some kids prefer playing sports to doing activities that focus solely on running so this encourages more father and son bonding time.

“It can be tough for them so they usually want to play games, so activities like what SAFRA organises are very helpful to promote family bonding.”

Mr Lim also thanks his gruelling National Service training for helping him improve his mental strength. It now serves as an essential tool to encourage his son not to give up whenever they train and compete.

“Especially in training, sometimes it’s not just about the effort you put in. It’s the process of building up your character.”

Though Timothy nods shyly when asked if he enjoys racing with his father, it is without any hesitation at all. When he describes what happens during a typical race day, there is that look of unabashed pride and awe on his face specially reserved for his father.

“He’s normally the one who’s in front because he rarely wants to stop. He’s the leader.”

Then he even adds in his own piece of advice for fellow participants of the upcoming AVventura 2015 race.

“If you train hard, your race will be easy!”

All the best to the Lims!


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