The Canon Creative Innovation 2014

The Canon Creative Innovation 2014

The main eventer: PowerShot G1X Mark II
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At least 250 million Canon camera units have been made today.

Canon Singapore announced their camera-manufacturing milestone at the media launch last Thursday. The event was also a celebration of being the top share of the global interchangeable-lens digital camera market for 11 straight years as well as presenting a wide range of their latest cameras and printers.

Located at the top floor of the ArtScience Museum, guests were greeted by an attractive display of coloured and monochrome photographs as soon as they stepped out of the elevators. Keeping in theme with the event space, it felt more like an art gallery at first before entering the room where the presentation was scheduled to hold.

As soon as the place was filled up with the press members, the presentation began with a welcome address by Edwin Teoh, the Assistant Director of Image Communication Products. Next, Goh Zong Da, the Product Trainer in Customer Care presented and demonstrated the various Canon products to all in attendance. The rather charismatic speaker also unveiled their flagship camera, the PowerShot G1X Mark II.

The PowerShot G1X Mark II is the new and improved version of the popular PowerShot G1 X. It comes with a powerful 24mm wide-angle lens and its AiAF frame is now enhanced from 9 to 31 points, allowing the camera to get a much sharper focus on subjects over a bigger coverage area.

In tune with today's society needs, Canon takes full advantage of the power of social media. Cameras like the PowerShot N100 and printers like the Selphy CP910 come equipped with the ability to sync with mobile devices in order to share pictures and videos on social media like Facebook.

But Canon goes even one step further, proving why they are indeed the top camera-manufacturing company worldwide. Not only can consumers directly share their photos and videos online but they can also control their cameras using their smartphones. By maximizing the use of mobile devices in taking pictures, filming and printing without actually touching the camera, the possibilities seem endless. Be it for fun family vacations or even home security purposes. There's also rotatable accessory consumers can use to mount the LEGRIA Mini X on so that it can capture what goes on around it.

Owning a Canon camera now looks to be more of a practical investment than a mere desire for both budding and expert photographers. Check back here again soon for the event highlights video! 

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