OPPO N3 & R5 Reviews

OPPO N3 & R5 Reviews

OPPO N3 – It’s all about the camera

A panoramic shot taken by the OPPO N3
A panoramic shot taken by the OPPO N3.

1. Impressive Wide-Angled Panoramic Images

A new-comer in the highly competitive smartphone industry, the OPPO N3 managed to grab our attention with its stylish motorized swivel camera. Featuring a 16-megapixel f/2.2 Schneider Kreuznach lens with the ability to auto rotate up to 206 degrees, the camera is capable of taking panoramic and multi-angle shots, all with just a click of a button. The OPPO N3 is the world’s first smartphone with RAW format capability which till now has been the realm of DSLR cameras. Also, snapping a photo with the N3 is fast and responsive. The resulting images are sharp, vivid and have a high contrast.

Pro: Taking scenery shots is a breeze.

Con: None.

Take insta-worthy pics with the N3!
Take insta-worthy pics with the N3!

2. Fuss-free selfie-time and group photo-taking

While the rotating camera is perfect for quality selfie images, it’s totally understandable to worry about how the 16MP camera would magnify the pores on your face. Worry not because the “Beautify” mode selection, which automatically appears on the screen when you swivel the camera around, will be very handy in hiding any facial flaws.

The OPPO N3 Bluetooth O-Click accessory
The OPPO N3 Bluetooth O-Click accessory.

Taking a group or family photo comes easy with N3’s novel Bluetooth O-Click accessory. All you need is to find support for the phone and then click the Bluetooth-connected O-Click and voila! A perfect group shot!

Pro: Easy to set up the N3 Bluetooth O-Click and to take group pictures.

Con: It’s rather difficult to keep the phone propped up when using the Bluetooth O-Click.

The side view of the OPPO N3
The side view of the OPPO N3.

3. Dual SIM support for added flexibility

N3 is a dual-SIM LTE phone; under the SIM tray there’s a second slot for either a micro-SD or a SIM card. With two SIM cards, you can carry two numbers and two identities at once. This is great for travelling abroad as you’re able to have a local SIM together with your existing SIM to keep in contact with your family and friends back home without incurring roaming charges. It’s convenient and saves money!

While the location of the side buttons takes a bit of time getting used to, the N3 is ultimately a smartphone ideal for photo enthusiasts on the move.

Pro: Added flexibility for those globe-trotting photo enthusiasts with its dual-SIM support.

Con: None.

The frontal view of the OPPO N3

4. Power-packed specs and superb build quality

The OPPO N3 is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.3GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of on-board storage which can be expanded to 128GB through the Micro-SD Card slot. The high-quality aluminium alloy used to house the components not only allows the frame to remain light-weight and durable, it also gives the N3 a sturdy feel.

Don’t miss N3’s cool Skyline feature located at the lower part of the phone. The light from the Skyline feature is viewable from all angles and lights up to notify you of new messages. Also, the nifty VOOC Flash Charge feature takes just 30 minutes for the smartphone to charge up to 75% from a flat out battery. Amazingly, this fast-charge technology can give you enough power to last a 2-hour call with just 5-minutes of charging.

Pro: Functionality goes beyond its aesthetic design.

Con: None.

All You Need to Know About the OPPO R5

The elegant OPPO R5 smartphone
The elegant OPPO R5 smartphone.

At 4.85mm thick, the OPPO R5 is one of the world’s slimmest smartphones. It looks aesthetically pleasing and runs smoothly on Android 4.4 ColorOS 2.0. You can enjoy the standard Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE connectivity as well as Bluetooth, all of which are easy to configure.

OPPO R5 side view with camera
OPPO R5 side view with camera.

1. Slim and tough

The OPPO R5 has an impressively thin frame which feels surprisingly sturdy in your hands. Its non-slippery build is complemented with an elegant stainless steel design. Plus, it can even survive getting run over by a car and being used as a hammer to hammer in nails - without a hint of a scratch, in the crazy “Does It SMASH?” video on the OPPO YouTube channel.

Pro: Overall, it’s a great-looking phone.

Con: Despite being pretty slim, it’s quite big. It measures at 148.9mm long and 74.5mm wide and weighs 155g.

Brilliant display of colours on AMOLED touch screen
Brilliant display of colours on AMOLED touch screen.

2. Vibrant display colours

With a pixel density of 423ppi and 1080p resolution, the OPPO R5 shines with its 5.2-inch AMOLED touch screen that shows off attractive, vibrant colours.

Pro: Video playback and games look awesome on the OPPO R5.

Con: None.

The OPPO R5 camera
The OPPO R5 camera.

3. Camera features

The OPPO R5 camera is packed with a cool array of features like the Beautify filters, Ultra HD, Colorful Night, Slow Shutter and Expert Mode. The camera also has auto-focus and flash functions.

The different camera modes on the OPPO R5
The different camera modes on the OPPO R5.

Pro: You can easily switch between modes when taking photos. Moreover the phone comes with its own photo editor, making image adjustments like cropping, changing brightness/contrast or adding effects a breeze.

Unedited image of SAFRA Mount Faber swimming pool taken with the OPPO R5 camera.

Con: Unfortunately, the picture quality of photos taken does not quite live up to the smartphone’s aesthetic display colours. The camera flash function offers little help in a room that’s not well-lit.

OPPO’s VOOC Flash Charger and cable
OPPO’s VOOC Flash Charger and cable.

4. Battery life

The OPPO R5 has a relatively normal battery life but what makes it stand out from the pack is its VOOC Flash Charge system.

Pro: It can charge 75% of battery in just 30 minutes.

Con: Battery drains at the rate of about 20% every hour when using applications like playing games or streaming videos. It may reach 10% of battery life after just 5 hours of usage.

Home and volume buttons located on the right side of the phone
Home and volume buttons located on the right side of the phone.

5. Smartphone buttons and screen shortcuts

The physical buttons for volume and on/off switch are placed on the right side within easy reach of your right thumb. For more advanced usage, you can open phone applications via shortcuts under Gesture & Motion in Settings by tracing your finger(s) on the screen in pre-set ways. You can also create a custom one.

Pro: Using the shortcuts is not only a fast way to use the OPPO R5 but also makes it pretty fun.

Con: The buttons on the side are a bit sensitive to touch, causing the display screen to light up when you accidentally graze against it.

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