Love is a Battlefield

Love is a Battlefield

Just days ago, we explained how being in the service can actually help groom you to be a gentleman. Sure, mention the word “army” and images of green uniform, sweat and tears come to mind. Drawing on our national service experience, you will be hard pressed to find notions of romantic love associated with the fabled green uniform. In fact, the service seems to have an adverse effect with frantic enlisted recruits trying their utmost to hang on to their fragile romantic relationships. 

Can you get swept off your feet and find true love in the army?
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However, that is not always the case. Inspired by internet user Britishracinggreen’s couple Halloween toy soldier costume, we like to be optimists and believe that there are fairy tale ending in the armed forces. Hence, we scoured the great library that is the World Wide Web and found these inspiring tales of love and war!

Make love, not war and be part of the green love team!
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As all fairy tales goes, our story begins in the faraway land of jolly old England. But instead of majestic castle, our two young love birds Chavon and Will Thompson met within the confines of Keogh Barracks near Aldershot. She was a combat medic, while he was with the First Battalion Scots Guards Regiment. It was love at first sight for Chavon as she professed, “I saw Will in the corridor one day and I went back to my room and told my friend I’d seen this good-looking lad”. 

It was love at first sight for Chavon and Will Thompson
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With fate on their side, the smitten Chavon struck up a rapport with Will when she unwittingly bumped into him again. Upon graduation, their love seemed written in the stars as they were both posted to Catterick. Though they were within a stone throw of each other, their time together was extremely limited. However on a rare night out on Chavon’s birthday, Will plucked the courage and asked for her hand. Describing the night-in-question, Will sheepishly admitted that “I was really nervous. We stepped outside the restaurant and I was so worried, I practically threw the ring at her”. 

The fairy tale couple in green get their happy ending 
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Tying the knot in August 2012, the couple got their happy ending surrounded by family and friends. Though they were forced to spend their honeymoon in Afghanistan (they were both posted there), Chavon and Will vowed to grow their blossoming love via love letters as they are at separate facilities. Love truly can be found in all places!

But, you don’t have to look aboard for such examples. Even in our very own Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), we have quite a few army couples at home. Take for instance, the case of 41st Battalion Captain (CPT) Leon Zhu and RSS Supreme CPT Wanling Tung. 

Love found its way for CPT Leon Zhu and CPT Wanling Tung
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Meeting through a scholarship application, the pair spent one-and-a-half years together as house-mates during their studies aboard. While in London, they found commonality through sports such as floorball and ice hockey. With time, the friendship blossomed and Leon and Wanling became an item in 2009. 

Initially hesitant to rock the boat of their friendship, the normally decisive Leon took two months before sealing the deal. Encouraged by his mum, Leon invited Wanling out for a dinner date. As the saying goes, “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray” and his plan of proclaiming his love via a pre-dinner floral delivery was thwarted when Wanling left her home early. Although subsequently shunned by Wanling, Leon succeeded at the second time of calling when he turned up at her doorstep. 

Tying the knot in 2012, Wanling adds that being in the service helps to bring them together. She states, “Sometimes when I encounter difficulty in my job, I’ll ask for his advice and get inspiration from there”. 

But, the notion of finding love in the service is not a recent phenomenon. Just ask former Air Operations Specialist Mr Jegathesan s/o Paramasivam and Air Power Generation Command Military Expert 3 (ME3) Yogeswary. Married happily for 18 years, the parent of three children were course-mates in the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)’s Air Operations and Communication Assistants course way back in 1989. 

Love that goes the distance; Mr Jegathesan and ME3 Yogeswary
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Always armed with a joke, the jovial Jegathesan never failed to brighten Yogeswary’s day whenever she felt down. She, on the other hand, was his listening ear. By the time they graduated, that sense of mutual support evolved into a relationship. While Jegathesan have since left the service, Yogeswary is grateful for a partner that understands her job demands. Ever the quintessential service gentleman, the ever-accommodating Jegasthesan believes that “If either party is willing to take a step back, it’s easier to work around the problem and find an amiable solution. Spoken like a true blue officer in love!

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