Look Good: 5 Reasons you are not Getting Those Muscles

Look Good: 5 Reasons you are not Getting Those Muscles


You've been going for your weekly gym sessions diligently, hoping to build some muscle, but you have nothing impressive to show for your hard work so far. In this second series of Look Good, we track down the top five reasons you are not getting the gym results you want.

#1: You Forget to Warm up before Exercising

Hitting the gym after a long day at work feels great. You are so pumped that you go for the machines right away. The thing is, your body cannot go from zero to hero that fast - you need to warm up first. Get the most out of your gym sessions by starting with these dynamic warmups.


#2: The Rep Scheme you use does not Promote Muscle Growth


If you can lift a certain weight for more than 15 reps - you are only building muscular endurance. You want something that is going to push and challenge you.  Try increasing the weight a bit while decreasing reps with each set. Start with a weight that you can lift relatively easily for about 10 to 12 reps. You will know it is time to increase the weight once the last couple of sets become easier.


#3: Lift Heavy with Good Form


Going beast-mode on some heavy weights may sound like a good idea for building muscle fast, but going too heavy can be a disaster. First, you lose the proper form with heavier weights; second, you also open yourself up to injuries. Start by building proper foundation and strength in your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. Might be a good idea to keep a journal to record your exercises and sets.


#4: You are not Working out Consistently

When you are inconsistent with your workouts, you are not going to make the progress you want. It can take as little as a week for your fitness levels to drop off. It may be hard to keep up the routine, but once exercising becomes a habit, it gets easier. If you are pressed for time and cannot hit the gym, try these outdoor exercises.

#5: You are Consuming too much Protein

Eating is half the battle. The average person only needs to consume between one and one and a half grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Excess protein is not going to turn into excess muscle, instead it turns into extra calories. Eat a diet that is rich in protein, vegetables, fruits and good fats if you are looking for a boost in workouts. Next time, maybe choose salmon instead of steak!

Check out tips from our EnergyOne Fitness guru from how to boost up arm strength or how to exercise smarter.

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