Inspirational NSmen: Dancer

Inspirational NSmen: Dancer

If you’re part of Generation Y, chances are you’ve grown up listening to pop music artistes like the Backstreet Boys’N Sync and Britney Spears who sang and danced their way up the MTV charts. 26-year-old Rahim bin Abdul Rahman, who goes by his stage name 'Rahim Bar', is no exception. In fact, he grew up idolising the 5-piece American boy band ‘N Sync known for their greatest hit “Bye Bye Bye”. He was very much inspired by Justin Timberlake and even went on to study the choreography in music videos and concert DVDs. His love for dance started off as nothing more than a hobby but as he learned more about the art, it became more serious to him and now he has gone on to pursue it as a career since late 2006. That’s eight years of training!

From being a dancer who mainly cares to look good on stage to being one with great vision for his art and hope for the local industry, Rahim regards his passion as something that gives him freedom of expression and creativity. He enjoys coming up with choreography that he would always imagine without fail whenever he listens to music. He first had the experience in creating his own dance moves for a performance back in his polytechnic days. The Temasek Poly graduate finds it a smooth and natural transition for him to be a choreographer which is why he is now in his 4th year of teaching at Natasha Studio.

But he refuses to stop there as he now ventures even further into the art of freestyling. Without the tight reins of fixed move sets, this dance form is his current go-to. However, he did not have the most ideal debut as a freestyler. Yet that didn’t dampen his enthusiasm. Surprisingly, the embarrassing incident from years ago at a dance competition in 2007 spurred him on to better himself as a dancer especially in freestyling.

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As a firm believer in dance constantly allowing room for self-growth, Rahim joined more competitions like the KO Night battle hosted by O School the following year. He even won the same contest two years in a row with his partner Darren. Since then, his career in dance started to pick up with more battles like Dance Alive in 2012 where he represented Singapore in Japan, lasting till the top 8 in the qualifiers against other contestants such as from Taiwan.

Unfortunately, Rahim is currently nursing a knee injury and hasn’t been competing for nearly a year now. However, the ever positive young man has kept himself busy with hip-hop dance classes at Natasha Studio located inside City Square Mall and hopes to join yet another battle called ‘Floor Killer’ with his buddy Darren at the end of this month.

We wish him all the best for a speedy recovery and his road to more success in his chosen career. Do you wish to know the story behind his stage name? Watch the rest of this interview including the embarrassing incident from 2007 in the video below! 

Catch Rahim Bar this Saturday (22/3) at Bugis+ as a judge at the Dance Fiesta 2014 finals! See you there!


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