In the Sportlight: The Power of Dance

In the Sportlight: The Power of Dance

Dance is a type of activity that portrays human emotions through the graceful flow of body movements. It is also considered a romantic gesture as it exudes the passion between two people in love. This is why it is often the highlight for weddings in some cultures where the dance signifies the first steps in their union.

Last month we featured parkour and the discipline that comes with it. This week we venture into the art of dance and its different styles that have captivated the entire world.

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With roots that run deep in history when people used to also dance for rain or a call to gods and other spirits, dance has always been considered that heightened form of human connection to life. It’s a form of expression when you can’t find the right words to communicate it.

You don’t need to be a dancer to know how much further this performing art has been integrated into society’s norm. When it comes to dance, age is just a number. Some people do it as a hobby or a form of exercise while some drive this passion into a career in life.

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There are now more possibilities in this thriving industry where it branches out into performing and teaching. It isn’t rare for people to do both at the same time or eventually move on from the spotlight to the backstage as choreographers, historians or even dance and movement therapists.

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It also seems that every culture in the world has their own signature dance, affectionately known as ‘folk dance’. Here in Singapore, we have a few; Malay dance that reflects the community’s customs and even foreign influences, Chinese dance that began during the Zhou dynasty and Indian dance that has references from ancient Indian epics and inspirations from Vedas and Harappa. Each has their own set of principles and style and they are usually performed in groups during social occasions and festivals.

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Besides dancing in groups, dance can also be done solo or with a partner. With its ever increasing popularity in mainstream entertainment, dance has evolved from being just an accompaniment to singing to being the sole focus of major films and television programming. A shining example would be the sudden wave of popular dance movies like Step Up and You Got Served and TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars that swept across America and the rest of the world.

With the power of the media, cultural dance types like the waltz, hip-hop and jazz have made their way out of their country of origins and sparked interest in people outside of their societies. Through dance, you can also learn so much about a community from a particular part of the world that's foreign to you. Perhaps dance truly does encompass all boundaries and unite the world through the joy it brings. Even with these overplayed songs, learn a new dance today and put a new spin to them!

Liven up the near end of your work week with these stunning couple dance routines from the most popular TV show So You Think You Can Dance!


Contemporary Dance



Argentine Tango


Viennese Waltz

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