Hottest Football WAGs: Liverpool vs Chelsea

Hottest Football WAGs: Liverpool vs Chelsea

Liverpool players with their wives and girlfriends
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Football fever is still running hot these days with the English Premier League already in its 35th week. Liverpool is currently at the top of the chart with Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal not too far behind. Just recently, Liverpool celebrated their win against Norwich with Sterling and Suarez scoring within the first 11 minutes of the game and Sterling picking up another later on. Due to this, Liverpool has also qualified for the Champions League.

And when you talk about football, you can't forget the players' wives and girlfriends (also known as WAGs). Previously, we showed you the gorgeous ladies who represent the WAGs from France, Ukraine, Portugal and Sweden. This time, we take a look at the English and other European bombshells who provide nothing but support for their better halves in Liverpool and Chelsea. Let's see how Liverpool fare in this one!


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