Hazy Hello Kitty Tale

Hazy Hello Kitty Tale

Is it us or do you feel a sense of déjà vu?


Pictures courtesy of sgag.sg

Last week, throngs of Singaporean braved the harsh elements in order to queue for N95 facemasks to combat the alarming haze threat. The queues were back again this morning as snaking lines of people congregated during the witching hour under the golden arches of McDonalds’. They were all out in the ungodly hour in the hope of getting their hands on the final limited edition run of Hello Kitty Fairy Tale doll.


Picture courtesy of mcdonalds.com.sg

While we seriously feel that queuing should be made a national sport, we are surprised at the unprecedented level of proficiency that Singaporeans have displayed in getting what they want! In fact, the last time we saw such dedication was during the 1999 McDonalds’ Hello Kitty Wedding dolls promotion where students skipped classes just to satisfy their kitty fever!

So, is history constantly repeating itself? Let us cue the startling similarities that we observed the last two weeks.

Insane Queues

With the PSI hitting a new high of 401 last Friday, Singaporeans was out in full force at hospitals and pharmacies to acquire their own stockade of N95 face masks. The response was so overwhelming that hospitals had to set up separate queue lines for those buying mask so as to not hold up patients who urgently need their medication!

It was a similar tale early this morning with the Hello Kitty Fairy Tale doll promotion. Singaporeans started queuing as early as 9pm last night at their nearest McDonalds’ outlets even though the dolls only went on sale at midnight. Over at a Ang Mo Kio outlet, the Hello Kitty crowd was almost 300 people strong despite it being only 11pm.


Pictures courtesy of sgag.sg

Limited Buying Power

Cash, it seems, is not king. In this past week, we have seen the limits of what money can do in extreme situations.

First, people were limited in the number of N95 face mask that they were able to purchase from hospitals and pharmacies. Today, lighting struck twice as McDonalds’ patrons were restricted to just four Singing Bone Hello Kitty Fairy Tale dolls.


Pictures courtesy of sgag.sg

But seriously, don’t you think owning four copies of the same doll is a little excessive?

Ridiculously Inflated Prices

As the PSI steadily climbed last week, so did the cost of N95 face mask as stocks ran out. The N95 masks which normally cost between $2 to $3 shot up to a record high of $50 with many advertising online.


Picture courtesy of ebay.com.sg


But, that is nothing compared to the fresh hell of the Hello Kitty Fairy Tale fracas. What started out as a $4.60 novelty item has swelled up to a record price of $126,000 on eBay! It would seem that Singaporeans might be worried about inflation, but they have no qualms about forking out the dough for their favourite feline.

Internet Memes

Above all, it is on the internet that we are constantly bombarded by ingenious internet memes that seem to never run dry. Netizens are flexing their creativity by creating and sharing their creations on meme portals such as SGAG or 9GAG.


Pictures courtesy of sgag.sg

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