How to Survive Your First Halloween

How to Survive Your First Halloween


Halloween is dawning on us faster than we can say pumpkin spice latte. Despite having its origins rooted in lighting bonfires and putting up costumes to ward off spirits, Halloween has evolved into a festival of celebration. It is the perfect day to showcase your creativity and legitly pretend to be someone (or something) else without being judged! This year, why not get together with your friends and family for a Halloween party?

Here is a handy survival guide to make your first Halloween party an unforgettable one!


1. Wear Costumes and Make-up to Channel Your Inner Wraith


Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said “You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.” Why be the next average vampire or witch with a last-minute costume purchases? Never risk being a walking wardrobe malfunction or fashion faux pas!


Instead, become the embodiment of horror this Halloween by renting you and your friends an Insta-worthy costume! Costume shops like Costume City and Awesome Costumes feature a range of garbs to turn you into the horrifying ghost or ghoul you always knew you were could be.


Further your #OOTD game by applying gruesome make-up to render your face into one that only a mother could possibly love. We cannot promise this look will get you phone numbers and DMs, but at least this Halloween’s best dressed award is definitely in the bag.

2. Decorations and Food Ideas


Photos & Projects Credit: TheXerxes

A party without good food is not a party. Get creative and make your party food Halloween themed!

These tantalising sausage fingers are the easiest Halloween food item to prepare. Boil or fry sausages and cut off the top portion to give the illusion of a “human nail”. Make incisions to mimic the wrinkles on our fingers. Put them into a bun and add chilli or ketchup for effect. Bon appétit!


Halloween would not be complete without sacrificing the souls of little... strawberries. Coat some juicy strawberries with cream and add chocolate bits to turn them into ooohhhh so succulent mini-ghosts!


Summon your own spirit minions to light up your party. Get some ping pong balls and draw ghost faces on them. Paste some recycled cloth on the balls before inserting LED lights into them. Congratulations, you have summoned your first spirits with all your limbs still intact!

For more food and deco ideas for Halloween, click here.


3. Trick or Treat


If you have little ones at home, consider organising a trick or treat with the neighbours. Trick-or-treating is a western Halloween tradition that involves children going around in costumes and knocking on the doors of their neighbours to collect candy. It is a fun activity that helps your child to build their self-confidence and social skills.

Let your neighbours know beforehand that your children will be coming by to their door to trick or treat. Return the favour by inviting their children to take part as well. You may also provide the candies to your neighbours if your child has food allergies. For safety, you may follow your child, or even go along in costume!


4. Good Ol’ Horror Movies


There is nothing like a good horror film to threaten the sanctity of routine and comfort in your home. Cult classics like The Blair Witch Project and The Amityville Horrors are crowd favourites that are sure to entertain and perhaps, challenge your guests’ sanity.



If there are kids at the party, you may want to opt for more family-friendly alternatives like Ghostbusters or Casper.



Looking to catch the latest horror flicks like Halloween, Zombiepura and Goosebumps 2 instead?  Be sure to make use of the Shaw 1-for-1 weekend movie tickets promotion for SAFRA members to treat your family and friends!

5. Play Horror-Themed Board Games

Consider playing horror-themed board games to get your guests involved. Board games are experiencing resurgence and there are a wide variety of titles to choose from. We found the games One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Mysterium to be our personal favourites for a Halloween party.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a great party game where players are assigned either the role of a villager or werewolves. However their identity is only known to themselves. To win the game, the villagers need to guess the identities of the werewolves within 10 minutes. Get ready for trickery, deception and a witch-hunt, all in good fun!

Mysterium is a cooperative board game which is a blend of murder mystery games and card-based guessing games. One player takes on the role of a murdered ghost who can only communicate visions in the form of illustrated cards. The other players take on the role of mediums who must interpret the cards to learn how the ghost died before time runs out.

Click here to find our favourite list of horror-themed board games. Here are also shops that you can buy board games from in Singapore.

6. Trade Ghost Stories


“In Asia, either you have personally seen a ghost, or you know someone that has seen one,” local comedian Fakah Fuzz once quipped. Dim the lights, sit in a circle and shares grisly details of your friend’s friends’ supernatural experiences. For an authentic hair-raising experience, partake in the time-honoured tradition of shining a torch below your face as you weave your tale.

Remember to let the torchlight flicker to scare the faint-hearted ones. After all, it is the only time of the year where you can scare someone and be rewarded for it.

If hosting a Halloween party is too overwhelming for you, why not let us do the job? Join us at our Halloween events at SAFRA Jurong and SAFRA Tampines! 

Halloween Haunts

Join the haunted with our line-up of spooky-licious activities at SAFRA Jurong and Tampines!


Kids’ Halloween Prom

Date/Time: Sat, 27 Oct 2018, 6pm - 10pm

Get in your Halloween costumes for a spooky buffet treat with your junior scare-keteers.


Movie Scare-a-thon

Date/Time: Sat, 27 Oct 2018, 4pm - 11pm

Join us for a pulsating movie marathon with 3 Halloween-themed specials.

Our Halloween hunt contest is also currently still going on till the 28 Oct. Successfully hunt down the Halloween characters at our SAFRA clubs to win a prize!

Halloween Hunts


From 8 - 28 October, join the hunt for Halloween characters across all SAFRA clubs*. Each of the 5 Halloween character will come “awake” at a club*, while some will remain “asleep” – however, it is unknown when, where or who it will be.

*Except SAFRA Mount Faber due to upgrading works.

Stand to win more than $5,000 worth of prizes. Find at least 1 and stand a chance to win a prize, or take up the challenge and find at least 3 for a bigger prize!

Click here to join the hunt!

Terms & Conditions apply. Contest is open to members and guests.


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