Food Glossary: the kopitiam with a modern twist

Food Glossary: the kopitiam with a modern twist

This is a cafeteria that gives you ample food for thought. Situated in JTC Summit, the newly minted Food Glossary is a modern office cafeteria concept in touch with the local community. With the support of the South West Community Development Council, Food Glossary employs back-to-work women and mature workers living in the South West District. Besides being socially responsible, this ‘kopitiam with a modern twist’ serves jolly good Asian and Western cuisines too. And guess what, in their Facebook page they even invite students to come and HOG their premise!

We give you a quick lowdown of what’s so special about this Food Glossary.


Leveraging on technology, Food Glossary has managed to run its gigantic 400-seater café smoothly with an army of just 10 staff. Like clockwork, all the components fall nicely into place when you first place an order - either through self-ordering kiosks or mobile ordering apps from your phone. Once the order has been made it is delivered to the backend and the kitchen to optimise food preparation. You will then receive an estimated waiting time and a dish to alert you when your food is ready for collection.

This innovative approach has its benefits too – queues are made shorter, food is served piping hot and just in time. Staying true to its modern concept? Checked!

Social responsibility

Actively providing training, social and employment opportunities to residents within its local community, Food Glossary has been recruiting staff referred by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) Career Centre from South West CDC. Within a span of two months, this cafeteria had armed the first batch of employees with social and customer service skills, as well as the know-hows on handling technology to fulfil orders. . In addition, Food Glossary is also tapping on the CDC’s local placement initiative, Jobs-Nearby to facilitate the hiring process.

A heart for the local community? Checked!


Of course, all these would amount to nothing without first attracting raving customers, and great tasty food is an absolute must to draw the crowds. Food Glossary has assembled one of the best culinary trio to the team - kopi master and kaya expert Bryan Shoh, US BBQ pitmaster Chef Jimmy Cheang, and Peranakan chef Jemmy Yeo. Serving a combination of local Asian delights and western cuisines, the food is considered top-notch yet affordable to cater to the office crowds. Some of the must tries are the Nasi Lemak, Tuna Croissant with Tomato Soup, and the tender-licious beef burger set. For those working nearby, you are in for a real treat. Grab the kaya toast bread and kopi to get your power breakfast fix before work!

Delicious food that warms and satisfies the stomach? Checked!

Don’t just take my word for it. Make a breakfast or lunch date and try it out yourself here –

Food Glossary

8 Jurong Town Hall Road #02-01, The JTC Summit, Singapore 609434

Opens Monday – Friday, 7.30am – 6pm, excluding Public Holidays

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