Fibre: Speedy Internet Becomes a Reality!

Fibre: Speedy Internet Becomes a Reality!

Fibre broadband makes high-speed Internet a reality 

“You win some, you lose some.” Or so they say. But in the case of fibre broadband, what we lost will not be missed. Gone are the days of dial-up Internet access, even broadband cable is fast becoming a thing of the past as the sunny island of Singapore gets wired-up for fibre broadband.

Blazing fast Internet access has modernised education

Miss Shakhilla, a part-time psychology major student who works full-time in the day spends a significant time online. With what limited free time she has juggling work and studies, time has become a precious commodity. 

The 23 year old who lives with her parents and two siblings, described a typical work/school day routine as coming home late at night, and logging on to download updated e-lecture notes for her own reading when she takes her daily commute to work the next morning and watching some videos on YouTube to de-stress. With the entire family all wired up to the Internet, fast speed has become a need more than a want. She was fortunate that her household jumped onboard the fibre broadband service wagon as soon as it became available.

As a part-time student, she misses valuable lesson notes during lectures every now and then. To make sure that she is on track for her academic pursuits, she will log in to her school’s online system to join the interactive online lesson via the school’s e-portal. Shakhilla stressed the importance of being in the loop of the academic plan. She shared with us how she missed a few days worth of lectures thus resorting to e-lessons webinars provided by her school website for her academic updates. It is extremely crucial to have good internet connectivity as you need to stream the live feeds without getting disrupted. 

“I can’t imagine attending webinars (e-seminars) with my old Internet connection. With my whole family online, I could barely do anything at all!”

“Real-time” video communication without the jitters

Aside from her academic demands, Shakhilla also often finds the need to make video calls and conduct video conferences / presentations with her overseas clients for work. As an advertising sales executive, she feels that face-to-face contact is important and relies heavily on Skype to add the personal touch.

“Video chats used to be horrible in the past. Since getting connected using fibre broadband, the word ‘real’ in ‘real-time’ is now REAL!”

Sharing of files via Dropbox or Google Drive is something that most people do these days, and with multimedia content becoming the norm, file sizes can be huge. With the fast and steady Internet connectivity that Fibre offers, Shakhilla uses Google Drive to share her documents and project files with her teammates at school and her colleagues at work while working on her presentations with Google Documents without any disruptions at the same time.

Since the installation of their fibre broadband connection, Shakhilla and her family no longer has to fight for bandwidth and deal with the frustration of having to wait while someone else is downloading / uploading files. Previously, when the whole family is wired up at the same time, connectivity tends to be a little slow. Streaming YouTube videos takes forever! Fibre supported home Internet connectivity indeed is the solution to their household.

Fibre Broadband brightened up my day! #fibre #happiness

All in all, it was a worthwhile investment and hassle to make the switch she shared. Ever since they are connected to fibre services, slow Internet became history.

“We are now able to connect and access the Internet across multiple devices - computer, printer, TV, tablets and mobile phones, all at the same time, at a much faster speed than before! If you haven’t signed up for fibre broadband yet, you should do it today!”

This article is part of a series brought to you by SAFRA and FibreXchange.


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