Crazy Charity Stunts!

Crazy Charity Stunts!

The world is a strange place. And, it is only getting stranger. Charity used to be a simple straight forward thing. Conventionally, you would either donate money or provision for a good cause that you believe in. You are probably more than familiar with the frequent flag collection days or donation drives that happen every other day locally.

Alternatively, you could also volunteer your time and services should you want to make an active effort in your charity of choice. There are usually a range of activities that you can undertake to help the less fortunate like volunteering in a soup kitchen or even sporting activities like SAFRA Swim for Hope 2013.

However in this crazy world of ours, the type of charitable activities now ranges from the absurd to the downright outrageous. There are people willing to go that extra mile for charity. So on a craziness rating of 1 to 10, with 1 being the mildest and 10 bring the craziest, we bring you some of our favourite charitable drives. 



Dishy moustache for Movember?
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Are you a moustache kind of guy? Then, it is time to bring your ‘stache’ back! You can put away your shaving razors for the entire month of November and be a part of the Movember movement!

By allowing males to grow out their moustache for an entire month, Movember hopes to raise awareness and raise funds for men’s health. Covering causes such as prostate, testicular cancer and mental health, Movember uses the moustache as their ribbon to generate conversation for awareness and subsequently raise funds. Besides using moustached men as walking and talking billboards, you can also get friends to pledge a donation in support of you growing out your moustache!

Craziness rating: 3 (We were taught to never trust people with moustache as a child) 

Hair for Hope 


Bald is beautiful!
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Having made the local headlines recently, Hair for Hope is the only head-shaving in Singapore that raise awareness and funds for children cancer. Through the symbolic act of shaving your head, it acts as a way to normalise baldness as well as an act of solidary for children cancer victims and their families.

Craziness rating: 1 (Our army recruits can be seen sporting a somewhat similar hairdo, so what’s the big fuss?)

Getting Tasered


Shocking, isn’t it?
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How much pain are you willing to bear for a good cause? Well, Sheriff Leon Lott of South Carolina was game enough to endure a shock to raise funds for the Richland County Sheriff’s Foundation.

Volunteering to be shocked by a taser for every US$1000 donation, the sheriff obviously forgot about the amount of enemies he made in his job. It was reported that one enthusiastic donor had no qualms in forking out a US$2000 donation. Shocking, isn’t it?

Craziness rating: 10 (It is a taser, what’s wrong with you Leon!)

Boob Art



Picture perfect!
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How would you like to be a work of art? Well, a village of women was more than game to donate their boobs to raise money for breast cancer. Sporting paintings of pandas, bumble bees and Christmas pudding, the men in the small New Zealand village will be glad for another reason to stare.

Craziness rating: 5 (Nudity is still a touchy subject here)

Spider Lock-in



Spider sense tingling!
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So you probably caught the superhero Spiderman at the recent Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention, but have you met the real life ‘Spiderman’? Australian Nick Le Souef has been bestowed that nickname after participating in a number of eye raising charity events.

Nick chose to be locked in a glass box with over 300 hundred poisonous spiders in order to raise A$50000 for children with disabilities. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the famed stuntman currently holds the record for stings in snake pits, spider cages and shark tanks! Amazingly, Nick was actually more concerned about cabin fever and claustrophobia during his three weeks lock-in!

Craziness rating: 9 (We prefer to get our super powers through other means, thank you)

The Song That Doesn’t End


We feel you, Justin
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So, are you a ‘Belieber’? Even if you are, how much do you love Justin Beiber’s Baby?

Well, it is pretty clear that there weren’t many ‘Beliebers’in Evanston Township High School in the USA. After numerous unsuccessful fund raising efforts, the students at the school decided to play the infamous song non-stop over the P.A. system in a bid to obtain US$1000 to redecorate their café and arts centre.

Amazingly, the school managed to raise the money after just three days. According to CBS, it was said that even the school teachers and workers donated to stop the musical horror.

Craziness rating: 10 (We are not ‘Beliebers’!)

Breast Squeeze Charity


A fistful of donations?
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Cup a feel, pay the price. Japanese porn channel, Paradise TV came up with the ingenious idea of charging people to cup a feel of their top 10 Japanese adult video actresses. Raising funds for STOP! AIDS Foundation, the live streaming event was such a hit that it filled television spots all day!

A single feel of the exposed breasts required one donation, while second dipping require additional donation. This idea was considerably milder than Paradise TV’s initial idea of allowing a donor to take a women’s virginity for the charitable cause. Public outrage changed all that and it was subsequently tone down to the final idea.

Craziness level: 7 (It is all in the name of charity right?)



Friends no more!
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Are you a fan of the hit American television series, Friends? Now, how would you like to watch all 238 episodes of it for charity?

Steve Misiura managed to watch the whole series within the span of 84 hours for charity. Documenting his ordeal online, he was certainly not a happy camper. We just hope that he wasn’t raising funds for myopia!

Craziness level: 3 (Sounds like the perfect weekend to us)

Wax On, Balls Off


Average Joe
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There seems to be an intricate relationship between hair and charity. But in this instance, 24 year old Joe Cooper got more than he bargained for.

Deciding to get his pubes waxed at his local pub, Joe was trying to raise money to help the local hospital. However, his heavy handed friend did end up tearing six to seven layers of testicular skin. Joe managed to raise 3000 pounds, but ended up in the very same hospital as a patient!

Craziness level: 8 (We just don’t have the balls for this)



Give it to me one more time!
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How do you envision your 70th birthday? We are sure you would like be in a fancy restaurant with friends and family. Well, 70 year old American Larry Ekstrom didn’t go down that route.

Instead, Larry celebrated his birthday by jumping 70 times in ten hours without suffering any injuries or whiplash. Besides doing it for the thrills, he was also raising funds for Leader Dogs for the Blind. According to CBS and various news organisations, Larry succeeded in raising a relatively significant amount of money! Did we mention he jumped 60 times on his 60th birthday to raise funds for multiple sclerosis research?

Craziness rating: 6 (This actually seems like fun, besides it is the only way to fly without wings!)

Want to do your part for charity?

Not prepared to go the outrageous mile?

Then, come down this Sunday 6th October and show your support in SAFRA Swim For Hope 2013! 



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