Hands-on with the Canon PowerShot G7X!

Hands-on with the Canon PowerShot G7X!

The past few weeks I have been out in town shooting with a Canon PowerShot G7X and oh boy, it delivers! This compact camera is packed with an assortment of features ideal for amateurs and advanced photographers. Here are 5 reasons why the PowerShot G7X could be an awesome camera for you.

You can see the contrast even in low-lighting environment. 

1. Shallow depth of field

Offering a F1.8 maximum aperture range, Canon PowerShot G7X has prided itself with its ability to compose better image contrast, delivering a sharper foreground focus against a softer, 'blurred' background. Even in a low-lighting venue this compact camera is still able to effectively isolate subject from the background. Coupled with 9-blade circular aperture diaphragm, PowerShot G7X can produce that aesthetic 'bokeh' effect to emphasise certain points of light in the image as well.

The Autofocus works perfectly even with a shifty model!

2. Fast Autofocusing

Packed with a 1 inch sensor, the PowerShot G7X wastes no time when it comes to focusing. I find it rather easy to select an area to focus on using the LCD touchscreen.

Photo sourced from OutdoorPhotographer.com

3. Flip-up touchscreen LCD monitor

If you're a party animal or a selfie-lover you would surely love this flexible feature. With the rear touchscreen flipped to 180 degrees, you would be able to take self-portraits or group photos without resorting to playing guessing games on how it would be captured. No more worrying about potential photobombs or embarrassing cut-off shots.

The 3.0" 1.04m dot LCD (720 x 480 pixels) screen also produces a more detailed captured image, as close to the original as possible.

Photo sourced from BestMirrorlessCameraReviews.com

4. Wi-Fi and Near Field Communications (NFC)

When it comes to mundane tasks like transferring images, I prefer working as fast and efficient as possible. Equipped with alternative connectivity modes like Wi-Fi and NFC, the camera allows me to make uploading and viewing faster and more intuitive.

The key benefit of this camera is to be able to connect to NFC enabled devices or those with a Wi-fi hotspot (laptops, handphones and tablets), without messing with intermediary tools like the Micro-SD card reader. This is especially so for those who tinker with social media channels that need real-time image processing but crave for superb image quality that the current mobile phones can’t provide.

Photo sourced from planet5d.com

5. Ease of use and lightweight

When using a compact camera, the worst thing is to be bogged down by the details. Fortunately, PowerShot G7X presents a minimalistic menu that is easy to understand. All the features you need are categorised in a logical manner, allowing you to navigate as you need. Its portability provides the convenience of taking a shot as when desired.

Overall, the Canon PowerShot G7X stands superior in terms of image quality in the current compact camera market. Though one downside of G7X is the reliance of using the LCD screen as the viewfinder, which means you have a less steady hold of the camera. Otherwise, it is a great camera for someone who just wants a handy point-and-shoot.

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Photo in overview sourced from Canon.com.sg

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