Backpack Tales: Part Two

Backpack Tales: Part Two

Yesterday, we recounted the tale of an orange backpack experience the sights and sounds of Northern Thailand. We left the backpack as it was enjoying a peaceful elephant ride in the forest, but it was soon plunged into the rapid river stream accompanying its master on an epic odyssey! Click here if you need to refresh your memory of what happened in Part One! 

Let me just say that I am not a swimmer. And, I have never enjoyed being drenched. So, you can imagine my horror as he strapped on a life vest and got on a bamboo raft. I was scared for my life as we were tossed about heading down the rapid river stream. I drank a lot of river water that day, but I thoroughly enjoyed the wild ride. It was certainly something that left me wanting more. He dried me off and soon we headed to enjoy the tranquillity of the nearby hot springs. It proved the perfect tonic as we continued on to Lahu hill tribe village.

We were treated like conquering heroes upon our arrival. There were tons of local food and even dancing. I was shy and sat in the corner as he filled his belly and spirits. For once, I was left admiring him with a smile on his face as he joined in the boisterous celebration. However, it wasn’t long before he retired to bed with me sitting beside him.

It was still dark when he hoisted me on his shoulders. It was the wee hours of the morning as he trekked up the second highest mountain in Thailand, Doi Pha Hom Pok. It was cold and dark. I could barely make out the trail. But, he soldiered with nothing but a headlight, windbreaker and me in toll. But, it was for a majestic sight. All my fears evaporated just like the night as sunrise dawned on us and we witnessed a panoramic view that few are privy to.

All in all, I felt blessed to have been able to go through such an adventure with him. I am now back exploring the urban jungles of Singapore with him. But, I hear whispers that he is eyeing another adventure soon. And, you know what? I will relish being by his side when he does. Because I am his trusty backpack…

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