8 Legendary Office Pranks

8 Legendary Office Pranks

Does it feel like just yesterday you were celebrating New Year’s Day? Your December “trip of the year” last month now suddenly seems eons ago. 2015 may have started out alright for you but you can’t shake off the feeling like you need just one more little pick-me-up.

Before you start seeing Mai Tais dance before your eyes or calling in “sick” the next day, stop for a minute and take a deep breath. Here’s our memo for you; it’s International Fun at Work Day every last Friday of January! Oh no, you don’t need to burn your paid leave days when you can simply play pranks on your colleagues to make those hours at the office just a tad bit more interesting.

Below is a list of our top favourites that we can guarantee laughs at work to brighten up your year again. Best of all, they’re all harmless!


1. Auto-correct is now your best friend

This would be a perfect way to irritate your mark when he or she is writing a report. The following steps are for Microsoft Office Word 2010. You may need to find out how to do this if you’re using a different application.

Firstly, click “File”. Go to "Options” and click on the “Proofing” tab and then “Autocorrect Options”. Make sure the box labelled “Replace text as you type” is checked. In the box labelled “Replace”, type in a word that will be used often and in the box labelled “With”, put a funny word. Click “Add” and exit the options by clicking “Okay”. Return to your desk or stand near your mark (but not too close to avoid suspicion!). Wait for the reaction. You can easily delete the rule from the Autocorrect settings afterwards.


2. In 3…2…1… Oops!

This trick can be a little frustrating because, well, it’s a shortcut to an automatic computer shutdown. Do a right click on the computer desktop, hover over “New” and choose “Create a shortcut”.

Type in the following: Shutdown -s -t 00

Alternatively, you can go for a restart instead: Shutdown -r

Or, log-off: Shutdown.exe -L

Next, give this shortcut a name of a common program (like Internet Explorer) and save it by pressing “OK”. Right click it and choose “Properties”, hit the "Shortcut" tab and then click on “Change Icon” to really make it look like the program you named. Choose the appropriate icon and click “OK”. Make sure there isn’t another existing shortcut that looks like the same program on the desktop or contain a similar name. If there is, delete it and place yours in its spot.

Go back to your desk and try not to burst out laughing as your mark clicks on the icon before crying out in exasperation.


Photo sourced from harleysandheels.wordpress.com

3. Hello, machine?

In every office, there is a common printing machine that does the photocopy and scan jobs. So why limit your pranks to just those near you?

Write on a piece of note: This printer is now voice-activated. Please speak clearly.

Or be as elaborate as the photo above. Then stick it on the printer and wait for the next printer user. Make sure the note looks official and placed in an obvious position. When this prank works, watching your mark(s) trying so hard to talk to a machine is sure to be hilarious.


4. Mouse, y u no work!?

This is an oldie that we’ve made better. Cover the bottom of your mark’s computer mouse with a small Post-It and unplug the mouse. What will happen here is that your mark might quickly figure out the Post-It first and think your prank has backfired until he or she realizes the mouse still isn’t working. To prolong that frown on his or her face, the very first thing you should do in the beginning is switch their mouse buttons (right-click becomes primary and vice versa).

5. Mouse, y u so crazy!?
This would be perfect if you sit near your mark. Connect a wireless mouse to his or her computer (make sure it’s hidden nicely). Then while he or she is working, randomly move the wireless mouse. This will just confuse and the heck out of your colleague!


6. Wacky desktop

Take a screenshot of your mark’s desktop and then hide all the icons by right-clicking on the desktop, go to “View” and uncheck “Show Desktop Icons”. Find the screenshot and set it as the new desktop background. When your mark returns to the computer, the “icons” will be un-clickable.

You can even combine this with #3 & #4. Giggles for days!

7. Mystery appointment
Write a time like 2pm on a small piece of paper and circle it like it’s important. Then slip it into your mark’s notebook, jacket pocket or someplace personal so it won’t look suspiciously like a prank.


Photo sourced from popsugar.com

8. Nicolas Cage the hero

One of the most iconic actors of our time is Nicolas Cage. And one of the most iconic internet memes of our time is Nicolas Cage. So here’s a Cage of Nicolas for your mark. Why? Because it’s Nicolas Cage, duh!

Only for Google Chrome users, download the free “nCage” app on your mark’s browser. Once installed, go to settings and check that it’s enabled under the “Extensions” tab on the left. Then leave it alone before your mark returns to the desk to surf the internet. Watch as your mark stare in silent horror at the images on screen being replaced one by one with various pictures and animated gifs of Nicolas Cage. Ooh boy, Nic Cage really is everyone!

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