7 Types of Singaporean Runners

7 Types of Singaporean Runners

7 Types of Singaporean Runners
Image sourced from FlyingMouse365.com

There are two kinds of runners in Singapore – the serious marathoners / sprinters who wakes up in the wee hours to train before work and just about everybody else. For those in the "everybody else" category, we’ve further identified 7 different types, each with their own identities and quirks. Scroll down to see if you're one of them!

The Boisterous Runner

7 Types of Singaporean Runners
Image sourced from National Geographic

Ever came across the term 'sing like lightning, run like thunder'? (Trust me, it’s not a compliment). You can hear them coming when these loud runners are near and often your immediate response is to duck behind the nearest tree or bushes, like you’re encountering an elephant stampede.

The On-a-mission Runner

GIF sourced from National Geographic

Like a cheetah chasing its prey, do make way for them to avoid fatal collision.

The Sweating-Buckets Runner

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It's hard not to sweat in Singapore's weather. But these runners appear to be caught in a thunderstorm from the inside out.

The Lone Runner

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Running is often a solitude activity and running long distance requires a high degree of stamina, focus and discipline. You just don’t have the strength to chi-chat with other runners.

The Selfie Runner

7 Types of Singaporean Runners
Image sourced from 9gag.com

Selfie stick alert! The most inconsiderate of the lot, these runners would suddenly stop right in the middle of the running track to take photos with gleeful oblivion to other passing runners who have to avoid running into their selfie stick weapon.

The Modern Runner

7 Types of Singaporean Runners
Image sourced from davegranlund.com

The spirit of 21st century geek runs with them, even on the tracks! Think Fitbit, vitamin-infused water, speedometer, sports action camera, race vest and other futuristic running gizmos you might not even seen before.

The Camaderie Runner

7 Types of Singaporean Runners

Otherwise called the "big band", they are motivated to run only when they see their friends running with them. When one stops, everyone stops. They run slowly in groups, maximising whatever space they have horizontally, bent on blocking your way.

So, which runner are you?

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