7 Tips from SAFRA Running Club

7 Tips from SAFRA Running Club

Are you a rookie runner? Already a runner?  Or have not gone for a run in a while? No idea where to begin?  

First thing you have to do is to believe that…


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You. Can. Be. A Marathon Runner.

The SAFRA Singapore Bay Run and Army Half-Marathon (21 km), is just around the corner and is the perfect race for you to begin training for! We have Kenneth Ho, Vice-Chairman of the SAFRA Mount Faber Running Club along with his team of trainers to give us useful running tips!



One can never be too prepared

1. Get the right gear

Running is not an expensive sport – once you have the basic kit, you are good to go. Just ensure that your gear is in a good condition. If it’s within budget, find a good, specialist running shop to get your running gait analysed. They’ll have you run for a bit on a treadmill and look at how you land on your feet. Depending on your natural movement and arch of your foot, you may over-pronate or under-pronate. After the analysis, you will be recommended suitable running shoes that should provide ample support during runs.

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Ready, Set…Goal!


2. Set a Running Goal

Your goal may just be to complete a 5km run without stopping or to do it in less than 30 mins, it doesn't matter, as long as you work towards that goal. Once you achieve that goal, push yourself further, maybe you can run for 6km without stopping or complete 5km in 20 mins within a week.


Thanks for pacing me man


3. Start Slowly

Many new runners experience shin splints, pulled calf muscles, cramping quads, or sore hips from going all-out too fast or from doing too much too soon. Running at a gentler speed will pay off later. As you become fitter, your body will become more efficient at converting oxygen into energy, enabling you to go faster without running out of steam.


Proper running technique aids in reducing injury

4. Establish a good running technique

A good running technique will reduce your risk of injury and ultimately, help make your runs feel less tiring and more enjoyable. Avoid striking the ground with your heel or your forefoot first. Recreational runners should aim to land on the middle of their foot. Also, your foot should land below your hips – not right in front of you. Doing this will reduce the likelihood of over or under pronation.


1…2…3… Stretch, and relax

5. Rest and recover

Give your body plenty of time to recover, rebuild itself and get stronger. Set about two days of recovery in between runs, but keep your body active with stretches.


Take Your Time

6. Be Patient

Being a good runner takes time, don’t give up. Training your stamina for a long race takes months, increasing your running speed may take years and building your endurance takes a lot of hours out on the road. Reaching your running goals will take dedication and consistency.


Left toe, Right toe, keep up the tempo!

7. Join a running group

Motivation, inspiration, accountability and commitment increase dramatically when you're a part of a running group or have a running buddy with you. Everyone experiences times when they're too lazy to lace up and run, but if you know you have buddies counting on you, it can make all the difference in the world! Just get out of bed and start running!


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