5 Ways to Beat the Heat

5 Ways to Beat the Heat

5 Ways to Beat the Heat
Can you tahan (tolerate) the excruciating heat and humidity? Read on to find out how to cope!

So your friend jio (asked you out) you for an outdoor sporting activity over the weekend and you’re gonna decline and miss out on all the fun, thinking about how hot and humid it is outside. To prevent you from having a weather-induced meltdown, here are five refreshing tips that will help you stay cool and collected while you have fun under the sun!

1. Wear cotton clothing

5 Ways to Beat the Heat
Tailor the fabric of your clothes to match the hot weather

Choose clothing made from lightweight, good quality cotton. Especially in a hot and humid country like Singapore, it’s essential to wear breathable and comfortable fabric for ventilation and air flow (to dry out the sweat on your back!).

2. Apply wet towel on the back of your neck

5 Ways to Beat the Heat
Get your cool back by applying wet towel behind your neck!

Feeling the heat while shooting hoops on the basketball court? Cool down by placing a wet towel around your neck. This will lower your body temperature and keep the blood flowing to the brain a lot cooler.

3. Apply cold water

5 Ways to Beat the Heat
Rejuvenate and get some respite from the heat by dipping your feet in cold water

If you’re out and about by the beach, take off your shoes and have a stroll by the sea. The cold water on your feet will instantly lift you up! Tip: Have some wet wipes handy (or bring a towel and wet it with water) so that you can freshen up by wiping the oil and sweat on your face, neck, arms and legs when the heat gets unbearable.

Feeling the heat at home? Skip the air-con and save on electricity bills with this tip! Find a large enough basin, fill it up with water and dip both feet inside. This refreshing approach helps to reduce the body temperature, and by sitting down, you keep your body at rest, slowing down the heart rate. Time to catch up on your Game of Thrones marathon!

4. Keep still and quiet

5 Ways to Beat the Heat
Keep your cool

If grabbing an iced cold soda or ice-cream is not an option, take a break from the heat. Choose a shady area  under a tree or a canopy, sit down and take a few deep breaths. This relaxed posture will slow down your heart rate and help cool down the body.

5. Refrigerate your sunscreen lotion

5 Ways to Beat the Heat
Apply sunscreen to prevent burn injuries

Yes, you read that right. Simply pop your sunscreen lotion into the fridge overnight, then apply liberally onto your skin the following day and relish the cool tinkling sensation! If you don’t have a sunscreen lotion, try it with your moisturiser and soon you will be as chill as a cucumber!

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