5 Vacation Wear Hacks

5 Vacation Wear Hacks

Don’t pack every little thing into your travel luggage!

Don’t pack every little thing into your travel luggage!

How does the old joke go? There are two seasons in Singapore: hot and hotter.

Whether you’re travelling far or just across the causeway, it’s important to know how to pack properly. Singaporeans, whose typical wardrobe consists of basic tees and shorts, definitely need to get more appropriate wear if they’re visiting a country during colder weather period.

If you’re not sure where to even begin shopping, don’t fret! Let us guide you through the process for a smooth and stress-free planning.

Dress for the activity, and not just for the location.

Dress for the activity, and not just for the location.

1. Fun in the sun

This is within familiar territory, so you’ll have an easier time packing what you need for your beach vacation.

Pack your favourite pair of swim shorts or bikinis with flip-flops and sleeveless tees. Get a pair of goggles for tackling water sports!

If the waters get extra cold during the time of year you’re visiting, it’s better to wear long-sleeved bathing suits instead.

If you’re staying out of the water, protect your eyes with sunglasses and a hat. Don’t forget to load up on sunscreen for your skin!

By sunset, fancy it up a notch with a polo tee and bermuda shorts or dresses with a pair of loafers while enjoying awesome seafood and fresh fruit juices by the beach.

Oh I'm singing in the rain...

Oh I'm singing in the rain...

2. Wet ‘n wild

When it’s rainy season, the most basic accessory to bring along with you is an umbrella. For convenience (or a more glamorous choice), simply wear a waterproof jacket or long coat over your #OOTD (outfit of the day). With or without the hood, it’s up to you. The material of your clothing is super important! Avoid leather and suede as water can damage them.

Keep your feet dry with rain boots. Perk up your holiday with bright colours! Who says your rain gear has to be dull?

Layer up to stay warm even in the most bitter of winters!

Layer up to stay warm even in the most bitter of winters!

3. Baby, it’s cold outside!

When sourcing for winter wear, it really depends on the place you’re visiting. There are tons of outer coats and jackets to choose from, but with research on the exact type of winter weather, you can properly narrow down your list of things to buy.

Layer up on sweaters or pullovers, thick bottoms and a warm jacket or coat. For your feet, make sure your boots or shoes have good traction so you won’t slip on snow or ice on the ground.

For places that also get windy like Chicago, USA, and Dong Bei, China, you should wear thermal underwear or long johns, an extra thick jacket, a scarf, a pair of gloves and a hat or beanie.

Some cities like London, UK, tend to rain during winter so getting everything in waterproof material would be ideal.

However, there are places where it’s just pleasantly cool in winter so a thin coat or jacket would suffice. For colder nights, have a hat to cover your head.

It doesn’t have to be winter to be cold. In fact, it can get a little chilly during autumn and sometimes spring. Throwing on a light jacket or cardigan would suffice. Pack a pair of long pants or leggings too just in case.

Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints.

Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints.

4. Exploring the city and culture

When travelling to another country, it’s only polite to respect the local culture. Besides learning some basic words in their native language for communication, what you wear matters too. Look out for the cities where there are certain dress codes to observe.

If you’re visiting places of worship or cities that are more religious in culture, wear modest clothing and keep yourself looking neat. In the Middle East, the locals dress conservatively, so avoid wearing tight clothing, shorts or anything revealing.

A good rule of thumb is to cover the shoulders and knees as well as wear loose-fitting and lightweight clothing. For men, go for shirts with sleeves and long pants or shorts/capris. Same goes for women and you might also have to cover your head in some places, so pack a large scarf or shawl. These rules apply to kids too.

As the scouts say, always be prepared.

As the scouts say, always be prepared.

5. Hiking in the countryside

Regardless of weather, always choose comfort over style when going for outdoor sports travel.

Wear hiking shoes or boots with thin socks to absorb sweat and thick socks to pull up over ankles to guard against blisters (or snake bites, yikes!). Make sure your trousers, hiking pants or shorts are stretchy enough around the waist (for ease of body movement). Protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen or long-sleeved top. Cover your eyes with a lightweight cap and a pair of sunglasses. And always have a lightweight rain jacket on hand too!

If it’s going to be cold, opt for long pants and a lightweight wool long shirt that is soft, breathable and insulated.

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