5 Kids Who Changed the World

5 Kids Who Changed the World

Christmas is typically an important part of any kid’s life. The thrill of presents, the intoxicating fun of family parties and warm fuzzy parental love are integral to any child’s development. And likewise, children also play an important part in the Christmas proceedings. Now, what would the festive holidays be without the sound of innocent voices singing our beloved Christmas carols?

However, the importance of kids is not just limited to Christmas. As Grammy Award-winning musician George Benson once sung, “The children are our future”. Not only do they ensure our survival as a species, kids also possess the ability to mould the future as well!

Armed with child-like creativity curiosity, their brilliant young minds have either inspired people through their works and actions. By doing so, they have affected the world in their own individual way. The ramifications of their deeds still reverberate through time and can be felt today.

So, who are these little visionaries that have added that little bit of wow to our lives? Let us go back in time and pick out five kids who changed the world!

Joan of Arc

Fighting wars in both on and off screens, Joan of Arc
Photos sourced from digital-art-gallery.com and renaissancemagazine.com

Dramatised heavily in film, television and theatre, Joan of Arc is a French folk war heroine. Leading the French army to victory when she was just merely 17 years of age, she was born to a peasant family in north-east France.

Leading the line with her flag flying high
Picture sourced from womenofgrace.com

Inspired by religious vision at the age of 12, Joan led the French to several important victories over the English. Described as a skilled tactician and successful strategist, her military contributions paved the way for Charles VII to become the King of France. Captured at the age of 19, she was burned at the stake by the English for heresy.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The man with the musical touch, Mozart
Photos sourced from makingmusicprayingtwice.com and answers.com

A name that needs no introduction, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a musical prodigy that composed over 600 pieces of work. Starting off on the clavier, Mozart was composing and performing in front of European royalty at the tender age of five.

Appointed as a court musician in Salzburg at 17, he spent his time exposing himself to different schools of musical thought. As such, his repertoire of works ranges from symphonies, concertos and operas. Despite his fame, Mozart had little financial security throughout his life.

Anne Frank

The young author and her literary work
Photos sourced from wikipedia.org and marshall.edu

The public face of World War II, Anne Frank was the 15 year old author of the influential book The Diary of a Young Girl. As a Jewish victim of the Holocaust, she chronicled her experience in the Nazi concentration camp in Netherlands.

Anne and her inspiring words
Photos sourced from annefrank.org

Frank’s words of hope and courage have since become a universal tale of unbridled bravery. Her insightful prose demonstrates a maturity well beyond her age. Unfortunately, Frank died in March 1945 of typhus while being imprisoned. 

Michael Jackson

The King of Pop when he was just a prince
Photos sourced from catholickungfu.wordpress.com and nydailynews.com

Heralded as the King of Pop, American singer-songwriter Michael Jackson is a recognisable household name worldwide. Performing at the tender age of six, Jackson joined his brothers in the band The Jackson 5. By the time he was eight, the young musician was promoted to lead vocals. The band had a slew of hits like Can You Feel It, Rockin’ Robin and ABC

All grown up and going solo!
Photos sourced from thesource.com and stabroeknews.com

Embarking on solo career at 21, Jackson’s solo album Off the Wall was the first to generate four US Top 10 hits. The rest they say is history. The Grammy Award-winning artist subsequently went on to give us hits such as Thriller, Black or White, Beat It and Billie Jean!

Justin Beiber

Beiber fever is all the rage
Photo sourced from freefreshwallpapers.com

Love him or hate him, it is still an obsession. Teenage Youtube star Justin Beiber was just 14 years old when he was discovered by manager Scooter Braun. Since his 2008 debut, the young singing star has been making musical history. His debut album My World 2.0, was number one in several countries and was certified platinum in the US. 

No more baby faced Beiber, but still punching a musical punch
Photos sourced from hdwallpapers3d.com and mirror.co.uk

Beiber’s popularity seems to know no bounds as he starred in the 3D biopic-concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Named by Forbes magazine as third-most powerful celebrity in the world, the teenage heart throb has sold over 15 million albums. Beiber made an estimated US$55 million dollar in the past 12 month!

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