3 Apps that will Make You Fall in Love with Running

3 Apps that will Make You Fall in Love with Running

I am not a big fan of running for fitness, and no amount of listing the benefits of running had ever motivated me enough to commit to a running routine. A couple of half-hearted training runs during my IPPT window to ensure I pass my 2.4km run were the rare occasions my running shoes left the box.

With the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon making a comeback this year after taking a break in 2015, and a bunch of very insistent friends jio-ing me to join, I have decided to give it a shot after all. To help me get started with my training, I started looking around for new motivations that would help turn a couch potato like me into a running convert.


There are many running apps available, but far fewer interesting ones.

As it turned out, the inspirations I have been looking for were in my hand(phone) all along! Here are 3 apps I discovered that added the fun and interesting spin which kept me going on my training runs for SSBR & AHM without collapsing like a soggy prata barely halfway through.

1) Zombies, Run!


Get fit. Escape Zombies. Become a hero!

For a man raised on late-night “Left4Dead” LAN gaming sessions and more recently, “The Walking Dead” binge watching marathons, Zombies, Run! was a match made in heaven.

This free-to-get app builds an intriguing game around your training routine, where you are encouraged to go on runs to “collect” supplies and various items in order to improve the base you built.

Every run becomes a mission and you are the hero! The app weaves in a narrative with the music found in your phone to get you into the running groove. To give additional motivation, the app encourages you to run faster by piping in the horrifying guttural sounds of a zombie horde chasing you from behind! Imagine a night run on a quiet road with this app on! Spine chillingly... awesome!


With the app constantly being updated with new features, and an interesting story that motivates its users to run and discover what happens next, Zombies, Run! is an app that will make you look forward to the next run.

Zombies, Run! is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. It’s free-to-install with in-app purchases available to enhance your experience.

2) Battlesuit Runner Fitness

Similar to “Zombies, Run!”, Battlesuit Runner Fitness features an audio adventure with the music of your choice. The app is built on a science-fiction adventure, and you play an armoured soldier fighting aliens. Think “Starship Troopers”.


What made me want to put on the Battlesuit Runner Fitness for my training sessions were the in-app choices that add the wow factor to the training sessions. At certain points, you will be prompted to slow down or speed up to make decisions, or to sprint to activate your battle suit’s supercharge mode. Whether you succeed in battle is dependent on the speed of your sprints, and I find this choose-your-own-adventure mechanic rather engaging.

Battlesuit Runner Fitness is available only on Google Play. You can get a full version with all features unlocked at $4.22, otherwise you will have to be content with the limited free-to-install version.

3) RockMyRun

There are days when all I needed was some music to pound the pavement to. There are many apps out there that could do the job, but it took me some time before I finally settled on one that provides the best experience.


 Polished and well designed, I found RockMyRun to be the best pure music app for runs.

It’s proven that listening to music with BPM (Beats Per Minute) that matches your pace improves running performance. “RockMyRun” uses propriety technology to automatically sync the music to your steps or heart rate. Overall, the music selection is tastefully curated, and I find myself discovering new music that would look out for after the run.


The feature that automatically synced the music to my running pace was well implemented.

“RockMyRun!” is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. It’s free-to-install but I found myself subscribing for $6.98 a month to enjoy ad-free music during my runs.

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