14 Air Travel Hacks

14 Air Travel Hacks

14 Air Travel Hacks

Have a relaxing time on board the plane!

Backpacking across Europe sounds like a wonderful holiday, but the idea of being cooped up in an airplane for over 10 hours may not be appealing to some.

Don’t let that stop you! There are ways you can ensure a smooth sailing flight from boarding to landing. The key is to pick comfort over style. Nobody wants to deal with a cranky passenger.

Here are 14 air travel hacks to guarantee a comfortable journey in the air!

14 Air Travel Hacks infographic

The 14 air travel hacks you shouldn't live without!

1. Wear loose-fitting clothes.

Pro tip: Wear jeans that doesn’t need a belt (easier for you to clear the security check-point too!)

2. Carry a coat or jacket.

Expect airports and plane rides to be cold. You can also use the jacket as a blanket. This helps too if you’re going on a winter holiday.

3. Keep feet comfortable.

Do regular stretches: flex heels, point toes and do circular motions to move ankles. Switch to compression socks and roll a golf ball under each foot (DIY massage).

4. Move around.

To regulate blood circulation and prevent stiff joints.

5. Create a sleep-inducing environment.

Wear a sleeping mask and use a neck pillow for extra comfort. Noise-cancelling headphones would help too.

6. Set your watch to destination time.

Doing this can help to avoid jet lag.

7. Wake up extra early before flight.

This makes it easier to doze off in the plane. If your flight is early in the morning, you might want to stay up all night!

8. Exercise before flight.

By the time you get to the plane, you’ll so tired that you’ll fall asleep fast.

9. No caffeine or sugar.

Those may keep you awake. Instead, have healthy snacks of fruits or green smoothies and juices.

But eating sweets during landing helps with the dreaded ‘ear pop’!

10. Drink lots of water.

And go to the washroom regularly.

11. Plan your in-flight entertainment.

Charge up your devices and bring a portable charger. Do any activity that relaxes you, like listening to your favourite music. This would also be a good time to catch up on your reading or binge-watching TV shows and movies.

Place your mobile device inside a ziplock bag and mount it to the seat in front of you (only if it’s not reclined).

12. Wear glasses.

Wearing contact lenses may cause dry eyes.

13. Bring a pen.

For filling in customs forms.

14. Stay germ-free.

Pack a bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel or wet wipes in your carry-on.

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