10 Ways to Wow Your Boss

10 Ways to Wow Your Boss

Regardless of the nature, no relationship is built overnight. The same logic applies to the people you work with in the office. You spend 8 hours a day for five days a week with them. Healthy professional relationships with colleagues make those Monday blues and work stress easier to deal with. Furthermore, it helps to build you up as a team player which is what every boss would want in their employees.

Every success, big or small, counts. Whether you’re hoping to get a promotion or fearing that your hard work still haven’t been getting enough recognition, consider developing a good rapport with your boss. So if you want to know where to start, let us show you! Here are 10 simple ways to win over your boss and climb up the ranks of success!

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1. Maintain a well-groomed and positive appearance

It is important to look presentable when in the office. Keep some grooming products like deodorant or a pack of breath mints in handy and the next time you get called in for an urgent meeting, you’ll always be prepared! Make a show to go to your workout in front of your boss by entering or leaving the office with your gym bag. In this way, your health-smart lifestyle will give a good impression.

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2. Value your boss’ time

Like the above, always be prepared. Your boss would usually have a busy schedule so when a meeting has been scheduled with them, be sure to get ready a list of questions and issues to raise during this time. Have the solutions at hand as well. This will speed up progress in projects thus increasing efficiency which will not only make your boss happy but also you and the rest of the team. This is a great way to boost team morale too.

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3. Anticipate the needs of the team, your boss and the organisation

Take the initiative to do tasks early if possible by being aware of how everything goes at work. If you can prepare what needs to be done before the deadline, do it as you’ll be sure to impress your boss. This can also ease the stress in the office. Lastly, commend the efforts of your team members to your boss first before highlighting your own contributions.

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4. Show up early for work

Be it in the office or an outside job event, it’s a good habit to show up early. In fact, it shows professional behaviour and that always leaves a good impression on your boss. It’s okay if you’re late once or twice, just be sure to plan leaving early to avoid this the next time. Furthermore, it shows dedication on your part.

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5. Be reliable

Deadlines are crucial and so are promises. If you are consistent in delivering your tasks when you say you would, your boss would appreciate you more. By being reliable, your ability to be responsible will show through and this gives you more freedom in doing your work without your boss constantly looking over your shoulder.

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6. Treat your boss like a mentor

It’s okay to treat your boss like a friend at work. Developing a personal relationship where you can talk about common interests outside of work is to be considered for a more relaxed office communication. But they are also your superior so be sure to ask for feedback on your assignments. It shows your willingness to constantly improve and excel as an employee. Keep your boss in the loop with your projects as well so as to make them feel more confident in their position as the leader of your team.

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7. Volunteer to take on projects within capabilities

Having the initiative to be the first to do new tasks is commendable but you need to know your limits as well. Your boss may not always know your situation so if you feel uncomfortable in taking up new responsibilities, don’t be afraid to speak up. This is important when ensuring that projects would run smoothly.

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8. Display interest in your boss’ favourite things

Sometimes a professional relationship isn’t enough to “click” with your boss. As mentioned before, it’s good to try and develop a personal relationship with them. Find out their interests and talk about them during lunch hour or break time. In this way, you can always figure out how to grab their attention when talking about your goals for work projects. Communication with them would also be much easier.

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9. Make your boss’ goals your goals too

When your boss tells you to work on something new, be sure to prioritize that. But at the same time, be ambitious and share with them your own vision with regards to work projects and the organisation’s future. By doing so, you promote a more engaging conversation thus improving communication and relationship with them. It makes you look like a thinking employee with the company’s best interests at heart and a good team player as well.

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10. Be respectful when you disagree with your boss

In a dynamic work environment, there will surely be times when emotions may run high and disagreements can occur. While this is normal, it is important to maintain a level of respect without making it too personal and letting it get out of hand. Remain professional by addressing the issues in a calm and rational manner. Present suggestions for solutions as well and settle on a compromise. Your boss will appreciate you standing up for yourself when the situation calls for it. But if the argument still persists, perhaps it's best to simply agree to disagree!

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