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6 Spots To Watch the NDP Fireworks


Wondering where to watch the fireworks without the throngs of crowd this National Day - check out our top 6 picks to view the spectacular NDP fireworks display!

Happy 45th Birthday SAFRA!


2017 is the year we celebrate SAFRA45! To mark this special occasion, we have been featuring SAFRA related trivia since Jan 2017. In this final part of SAFRA45 special, we run down events from 1997 to 2017. Here's to many more fun memories and years ahead!

SAF Day Rededication Ceremony


SAFRA celebrated SAF Day alongside staff and servicemen. Check out these SAFRA promotions for SAF Day and NS50!

Flippa Ball Fun for Kids


Looking for new activities to get your kids to adopt and embrace an active lifestyle? Why not give flippa ball a try?

Look Good: 5 Reasons you are not Getting Those Muscles


Welcome to our second Look Good series where figure out the top five reasons you are not getting the gym results you want.