Go Cashless with SAFRA DBS Card

Go Cashless with SAFRA DBS Card

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Imagine a world without the use of paper cash and the only thing you’ll need when you’re catching up with your friends over great food and drinks or shopping for the latest tech gadgets or new gear is a credit or debit card. Fit it in your back pocket and you’re ready to go! The convenience of going cashless is certainly appealing and more often than not, this has been the focus of various credit card commercials.

Surely, convenience is a top selling point and being an eco-friendly mode of payment helps as well. Recognising this rising consumer need in society today, innovations like the Google Wallet have sprung up. However with the constant concern for digital privacy, credit and debit cards won’t run obsolete just yet.

Just recently SAFRA and DBS announced their partnership, presenting SAFRA members with a brand new card that serves as both membership and credit or debit card. This card will give members two worlds of privileges at over 1,700 merchant outlets across both SAFRA's & DBS's networks. Members could also earn up to 3% in cash rebates on groceries and online purchases. Plus, 0.3% with other purchases.

There are a couple of ways members can also save with what they've bought by earning rebates that translate into SAFRA$ (cash rebates). On top of the existing SAFRAPOINTs program, which is earned when any purchase is made at any of the SAFRA Clubs. SAFRA$, on the other hand comes about when a purchase is made at retail outlets (local or foreign) using the Debit/Credit card. 

To make things even more convenient, members can ‘tap and pay’ with this card at a handful of selected merchant outlets without the need for a signature ($100 maximum). Members who own cars can also pay their ERP gantry and carpark charges with it as well as enjoy special perks like getting petrol and diesel discounts at Caltex stations. For those who don’t, they can simply ‘tap and ride’ on the MRT/LRT, public buses and selected cabs.

Members can gather with their friends after a hard day’s work at Toa Payoh or Yishun clubhouse for a free dessert after a satisfying meal at McDonald’s. For movie lovers, the 1-for-1 weekend ticket promotion can help sweeten the deal.

Does it sound too good to be true? Well,there’s really just something for everyone with the SAFRA DBS card!

If you’re already a member, do consider the added benefits this card brings and take that leap! Do it before 30 June 2014 and you might even win big vouchers for grocery, fuel or movie! But if you’re not a member yet, sign up for a 2-year membership and get half off!

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